Many people think the most important thing to consider when choosing a job is the salary, now we are going to show you more factors to take into account when choosing the right job:

  • Look at the benefits you will have, specially medical benefits, if you are going to receive some dental coverage, or if there are special plans for the company's workers. Other type of benefits should include real estate assistance, bonuses, flexible work-hours, and more.

  • Sometimes your payment has a stretch relation with the city you are going to work, there are some cheaper, such as Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Minneapolis and some more, but if you are going to work in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston or San Francisco then you have to pay attention to the location of the company, check if there are places available near your job to move to. Consider if you have to commute and how stressful it would be: will you have to drive through congested streets? Is there public transportation to get to your job? Factor in these things when calculating your job salary.

  • Jobseeker and employer shaking hands
  • If you want to climb up the ladder in your professional life it's necessary to know if you are able to climb up in the organization you are applying to. Ask if there are some training programs, specialization courses, mentor relationships or some factors that will help you to climb up.

  • If you work 40 hours a week then you are living in your office one-quarter of the total of hours of a week, so be sure it is a good work environment, if it's not then think twice before applying or accepting the job in that organization, the probabilities you become an unmotivated employee under such circumstances are high.

  • According to statistics people change of job five times or more, but in every job an important aspect to take into account is safety, try to know if the company is financially stable, to avoid losing your job because the company went bankrupt.

  • Think about what a job brings to you, if there are possibilities to improve your skills and to learn a lot more by doing that job. If you receive two job offers choose by looking at what is behind each job, not just at the salary but at all other improvements that come along when you get that job.