If you want to be some place where you can find many employers and recruiters you have to go to a Job fair, it's also known as a Career fair or Career expo, you will find many people that may be interested in hiring you, with some luck you will contact an employer and can show him/her your communication skills, it will be a fast conversation, just 2 or 3 minutes, and, nonetheless, you will be interviewed.

This is a good opportunity for many students to get a job interview, they can have a short interview with many hiring employers, and at the same time employers can meet a lot of people interested in working with them and get to know people talking about what they can do for their companies and what their goals are.

Group of professionals in a job fair

If you are a jobseeker and attend one of this job fairs do your best, be prepared, and it would be great if you could make some business cards so you can hand them to your interviewers or people you find there.

There are also electronic job fairs, here we give you some links to job fairs online:

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