Jobseeker writing his resume

The objective of your resume is to think about the employer's necessities, and to open the possibilities to being hired in the job you want. Describe your goals in the resume, this will be the first part in your document so take the time you need to do this properly, not more than three lines and don't talk about your personal achievements but orient the description to what the employer is looking for, you will find more examples in our sample resumes.

Writing your resume

  • Identify your 2 or 3 best skills; think about what you like to do and which you think are the things you do well.
  • Make those skills marketable and place them in your resume using persuasive words.
  • Add three or four paragraphs describing those skills better in your Professional profile. This is crucial for your resume.
  • To highlight your work experience: add 2 or 3 things you did and you feel proud of, describe the process and the results.
  • To describe your Experience use a clear way to introduce the information, you can use this example: Java and .Net Programmer: New Technology Corps, Los Angeles, CA (2003-2007).
  • Add title, company, city, state and the years of work.
  • Below this add one or two lines of the specific tasks you developed there.
  • References are an important part of the Resume; add all the information you have about the work experience you described before.
  • If you have some work experience in a workplace that you left after few weeks or months and you don't want to explain this, do not add the months of work just the years, so the information will looks like this (2003-2004).
  • If you don't have much work experience describe the courses you took at the University or if you had any volunteer job you had that is relevant to the job you are applying to.
  • It is important to detail your Education, bachelor and Master degrees (if you have any). If you have some other training add it too, if you still haven't finish your education then list the years this way: (2007 - present). If you have not finished a course just list the number of years you studied: Accounting Course - Michigan University (two years).
  • At the end of the resume, and if there is still some space available, add an "Other facts" section, to show more good things about you that will catch the employer's curiosity, this will make he/she call you. In this section you can add your Language or computer skills.


  • Do not add information about sex, religion or health, in many countries it's illegal to discriminate people for these reasons, is better not to include this information.
  • If you still do not have a job offer do not ask about the salary.
  • Do not let the work to the spell-checker, sometimes it's not enough, do it by yourself, review all your words, names, numbers, etc.
  • Do not use many big words, simplify your writing, and make it clear and easy to read.