Employment agencies play an important role in the process of resume distribution; many employers use these agencies to search possible candidates, so they minimize the time when searching for people that they would like to work with.

Jobseeker smiling and behind a group of workers

There are many employment agencies and each one of them has a large list of job vacancies in every field. And one thing to take into account when looking for a job is that sending your resume to many employment agencies will give you more and more opportunities to get a job.

It's better to use a Resume distribution service in order to get more people using a few hours of your time. Employment agencies do not charge the job seeker, so let's allow them do the job for you.

How to distribute your resume?

  • Post your resume online: there are some companies that have a special section in their websites where you can upload your resume and get an opportunity to work with them. This is a good way to send your resume directly to employers.

  • Publish your resume in the ads: you can do it in your local or in a national newspaper, doing this will give you the opportunity to be seen by many employers, and if you receive one offer using this method and you don't receive much information about the company which is contacting you it will be a good idea to investigate and then modify your resume according to that company's necessities.

  • Send your resume by e-mail: this is a direct way to get to the employer's inbox, make your e-mail interesting and concrete, add your complete name and the job you are applying for and make the subject effective, sometimes employers delete mails with unclear subjects. If you send your resume as an attachment then add your name to it, a document named -Resume- will not help. Send your Resume from a serious e-mail account, avoid nick names in your e-mail, the proper name will be name-lastname@hotmail.com for example.

After a time without receiving any reply ask them again, this is to let them know you sent a Resume and also that you are really interested in that job.