A composer is a person who creates music. To be a composer a degree in your Composer Resume sample is not a must, however, knowing how to play musical instruments and how to read music is essential. This career is not for everybody, composers have to be constantly inspired to be able to create music. They do jobs for singers, advertisement campaigns, movies, etc. But this music has to be catchy, in order to remain in people's memory for a long time.

Besides playing the instruments, composers must also have knowledge of music styles and genres, for this reason, it is a good idea to study a career related to music.

There is a lot of competition in the field; however it is estimated it will grow in a 10% in the next years. Getting a job with a very good salary is a combination of talent and luck. The salaries are influenced by the state, industry, popularity of the composer, importance of the company, etc. In general, the media salary of a composer is of $40 000 per year, being the independents, the ones who receive the highest payment.

Janice Moore
281 Kensington Ave.
Ocala, FL 34843
(612) 555-2872



Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Harp.


Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Other.

Summary of Accomplishments

Noble Cause Hollywood Cinemas
Fight for Freedom Gaylord Films
The Last Horizon Tri Star Pictures

NAs the World Moves CNT
The Johnson's ABS


B.A., Music Composition
Columbia University, New York, NY


Sample recordings available upon request.

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Do not think that you will earn a lot of money when you are just starting the career, to get a good salary you need to become popular in the industry and have several years of experience that you should detail in your Composer Resume sample.

Victor Johnson
2124 Furness Medina, NY 14103
(585) 845-4545


To find a job as a composer or musician.

Bachelor degree in Music Composition
Kingston University USA, Alabama, NY
2005 - 2010

  • 5 songs for Britney Aguilera's new disc.
  • Jingle for Coca - Cola.
  • 5 songs for Sophia Lauren.
  • 3 songs for Brian's new disc.
  • Jingle for Nokia.
  • Jingle for Coca - Cola.
  • Jingle for Fanta.
  • Soundtrack for the movie "Looking for Paradise".
  • 5 songs for Johan's disc.
  • Jingle for Nokia.
  • Jingle for Coca - Cola.
  • Jingle for Sprite.
  • Soundtrack for the movie "Going away".
  • 5 songs for Beyonce's disc.
  • Music style: Pop- Rock - Pop, Gospel, Soul, Classical.
  • Instruments: Guitar, drums, piano, organ, trumpet, harmonica.

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