Films directors are the responsible of assembling a movie by joining the individual shots giving order and coherence. Their work is required before, while and after the shooting. Some of their main activities are:

  • Plan the structure of the movie with the director.
  • Review the shots to see if they are resulting the way they were planned.
  • Choose the most appropriate ending.
  • Insert music and special effects.
  • Assembly the whole movie together by creating a rough cut.
  • If the rough cut is accepted by the director, edit the final cut.

Most of the companies ask a degree in filming or in television production in the Film Editor Resume of their candidates, on the contrary, companies which make low budget production does not solicit any special preparation. For this reason the difference in the salary received is very big, these types of companies usually pay $12 per hour, while the average companies pay around $ 24 per hour and the most important companies can pay up to $50 per hour.

Todd Holtry
8736 West Rodeo Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90192
(203)555 - 3281

Motion Picture Film Director.


"Shoot Out." Director. New Wave Films, 2008.
Executive Producer: Scott Bailey
Winner, American Film Academy, Best Cinematography

"Slow Dance on the Killing Ground." Director. InMax, 2005.
Executive Producer: Oprah Saunders

"Fragments of Reality." Director. Island Productions, 1999.
Executive Producer: Sandra Green

"Sporting Beasley." Director. Independent Production, 1997.
Winner, Best Short Film, Solar Film Festival


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
B.A., Film Studies, 1997


Available upon request.

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More Film Editor Resume Samples

Besides the normal facts as education and working experience, do not forget to put your skills (what software are you capable to use) in your Film Editor Resume sample. Also put your awards or recognition in the case you have.

Tom Thomas
2418 S Harvard Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 484-5865

To obtain a position as film editor in an important movie studio.

Professional Experience:
Film Editor.
Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA
January 2008 - Present

Animation Editor
Warner Brothers, Los Angeles, CA
April 2004 - December 2007

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production
University of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles, CA
2005 - 2010

Associate of Arts
University of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles, CA
2001 - 2003

  • Knowledge in 2D and 3D computer animation.
  • Capable to use applications as Adobe after Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut.
  • Outstanding management skills
  • Best movie in "The Plate" awards. 2009

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