Landscape designers care about the balance between buildings and nature; therefore they arrange all elements so as to create functional and esthetical spaces. They are usually hired to design outdoor public places such as railways, parks, gardens, etc. Likewise, they work together with engineers and architects in order to place buildings and structures. Furthermore, they provide assistance services in case of restoration programs.

Regarding education requirements for this position, in many US states a license is a must. Furthermore according to BLS data a bachelor of landscape architecture is the minimum requirement to exercise the role of landscape designer, you should highlight this information in your Landscape Designer resume sample. On the other hand, BLS states that the yearly salary of a landscape designer is roughly $58,960.

Zack Hitchens
821 West Faust St.
Richmond, VA 23109
(310) 555 - 7236

Position as a Landscape Designer for a growth-oriented company.


Fayetteville Contractors, Richmond, VA
Landscape Designer, 2003 to Present
Designed a wide variety of commercial projects, including Forest House Playground, St. Mary's Park, Lehman College Recreation Fields, and The Delta Southern Outdear Theatre.

Beston Landscaping, Miami, FL
Landscaper, 1997 - 2003
Provided landscaping services to homes located primarily in suburban Miami. Specialized in pools, waterways, and fountains.


B.A., Landscape Design, 1997
University of Miami, Miami, FL


Available upon request.

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875 Chartres Street,
New Orleans, LA
+1 504-581-4897


Looking for a challenging position as a Landscape Designer in a construction company where I can use my technical and creative skills.

Qualification Summary:
  • Exceptional communication and managerial skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of environment and construction matters.
  • Great ability to establish good relationship between company and clients.
  • Proficient in landscape designer software programs.
Technical Skills:
Proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop CS4, and 3D Modeling.

Professional Experiences:
Designation: Landscape Designer
Period: 2007-Present
Company: LS Consultants. New Orleans, LA

Key Responsibilities:
  • Developed major projects public parks and railways.
  • Presented budget projects to management department.
  • Responsible for project development process (design & supervision).
  • Make sure that all projects fit into city policies.
  • Hired and groomed new personnel for the department.
Designation: Junior Landscape Designer
Period: 2003 - 2006
Company: Hal Collums Construction Inc. New Orleans, LA

Key Responsibilities:
  • Drafted several designs for the main entrance of department stores.
  • Designed various layouts using 3D Modeling based on detailed specification and measures.
  • Assisted senior landscape designer in clerical tasks.
  • Renovate parks and playgrounds creating marvelous landscapes.
Educational Qualification:

- Landscape Designing Certification course from LSU School of Landscape & Architecture, Baton Rouge, LA. in the year 2002.

- Landscape Design Management
Masters Degree from Tulane University - New Orleans, LA in the year 2000.

- Landscape Architect
Bachelor's Degree from Xavier University of Louisiana in the year 1997.

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