Try to choose the format that suits you better depending on your own expectations and the company/organization interests. Do not forget to include some keywords (especially in bullets) since most employers will check your resume online.

Beware of spelling mistakes! They matter. Make sure you are adding the appropriate information, that is: Information the employer will find interesting rather than random info.

A good way to start an Engineer resume is by placing the contact details and after this a sentence with your objectives, the objectives in your career. Describe why you want to get that job and list the skills that will guarantee a good development in the company.

If you are an engineer who finds it difficult to compose a resume, do not worry, herewith you will find different useful resume samples that will give you a clear idea on how to compose your own.

Some Resume samples of Education

Chairman of the TUI AG with a model airplane

Airline manager

Sample resume for professionals seeking a position in the airline industry.

Businesswoman and construction workers standing together

Industrial engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as an industrial engineer.



Jobseekers as senior architect with a multi-national architectural design firm.

Voltage tester, voltage measurement on a meter

Master electrician

Sample resume for electrical engineer with managerial experience.

Mechanic Working on Engine of a Vintage Car

Automotive mechanic

For jobseekers as an automotive mechanic with supervisory responsibilities.

Motor mechanic at work, maintaining engines in a workshop

Mechanical engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as mechanical engineer.

Lab of Chemical Industry and Electrochemical Engineering

Chemical engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as Chemical engineer.

Portrait of pilot standing in front of airplane


Sample resume for jobseekers as a commercial pilot.

Civil engineer smiling with a group behind him isolated

Civil engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as a civil engineer.

Computer Science engineer programming a robotic arm

Programmer engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as a Programmer Engineer.

Foreman on the job site

Construction foreman

Sample resume for jobseekers as Construction Foreman.

Apple MacBook Pro keyboard, hand typing

QA test engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as QA test engineer.

Electrical Engineer Among Solar Panels

Electrical engineer

Sample resume for jobseekers as an electronic engineer, specializing in design.

Engineer working on computer

Software engineer

Sample resume for Software Engineer and the possibility of career advancement.