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A construction foreman is a job that consists on supervising that the job of construction workers is being done correctly. A construction foreman or forewoman will be responsible for providing workers with the needed materials and the devolution of equipment that was used to work.

Construction foremen have worked longer in the company and know all the procedures. They also should know the most efficient ways to delegate and distribute work, whether that be old school techniques or new software for contractors.

Commonly, studies are not required for a construction foreman. Construction foremen have worked longer in the company and know all the procedures. On the other hand, it is recommended to take a course in project management or construction management to raise work opportunities.

A construction foreman will need to be empathetic and have communication skills to be able to communicate with the other workers and encourage a good working environment.

On your construction foreman resume sample, you should specify that you have completed your high school studies. Also mention that you've completed a number of years of experience in the construction field.

Ted Wilson
410 Hillside Terrace
Chicago, IL 60601
(513) 555-2163

A position as Construction Foreman.

  • Teach/ Employ the Geometry of Framing/Cabinetry; any Scale/Design.
  • Design/ Layout / Install Foundation/ Footing Systems.
  • Design/ Layout/ Build any Concrete Form System.
  • Design/ Layout/ Cut Wood Floor & Wall Systems.
  • Design/ Layout/ Cut Wood Stair & Roof Systems.
  • Design/ Engineer/ Install Roof Truss Systems.
  • Design/ Install Architectural Facades/ Affectations.
  • Managed budget for all supplies, equipment, and salaries.
  • Design/ Build Decks, Patios, Breezeways, Carports, Sunrooms.

2003 - Present
Construction Foreman - Leighton Construction. Walnut Creek, CA
  • Paradise Hills Shopping Mall, Chicago, IL
  • Mission High School, Chicago, CA
  • Detroit Convention Center, Detroit, MI
2000 - 2003
Carpenter - Barton Construction, Chicago, IL
  • Rennovation of Mesa View Apartments, Chicago, IL
  • John's Tavern, Chicago, IL
1998 - 2000
Apprentice - Heckman Brothers Construction, Biglerville, IL
  • Biglerville YMCA, Biglerville, IL
  • Best Surplus, Evanston, IL

Chamberville High School, Chamberville, IL
Construction Tech Curriculum

160 Hours of Business Management Training
A&R Consulting

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More Construction Foreman Resume Samples

Leadership abilities and a capacity to deal with problems and take responsibilities is some information that must be included on a construction foreman resume.

Frank S. Serrano
3330 Sweetwood Drive
Denver, CO 80220
Home (303)3935-029

To obtain a job position as a construction foreman at a respectable and well-known construction company.

  • Nine years of experience in the construction field.
  • Math skills.
  • Leadership abilities.
  • Knows how to keep a peaceful work environment.
  • Communication and computer skills.

Burleigh and Stronginthearm Construction Company; Denver, CO.
Foreman (2005 - Present)
  • Assisted workers in all their needs for the correct accomplishment of their duties.
  • Wrote and presented reports to supervisors.
Sto Plains Holdings Construction Company; Denver, CO.
Assistant foreman (2002 - 2005)
  • Assisted in the development of work projects.

Secondary school graduate
Thomas Jefferson High School, Denver, CO (2001)
A Six month course in construction management.
Gizmonic Institute Professional Training Center (2005)

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