Software Engineer Resume Sample

Software engineering is the type of engineering focused on software program development which includes design, production and maintenance. Being a software engineer involves much creativity and computer knowledge.

The minimum educational requirement for this career is a four to five years bachelor's degree in computer science with knowledge in computer language for software development. In such studies you can specialize in an area or take extra education courses to continue developing a career in computer science.

Communication skills are highly required for this job, because software engineers have to establish good relationships with their colleges so as to efficiently develop major projects.

Today, software engineering is a promising career with good prospects for professional growth due to the huge success of software companies. Moreover these professionals are well paid and enjoy of great working conditions.

An outstanding software engineer resume sample is the key to a good position in the software industry, so it is important to summarize and edit your information in a way that attract employer's attention.

Ted Gontz
910 Midway Ave.
Scranton, PA18515
(814) 555 - 2938

A challenging position as a Software Engineer and the possibility of career advancement.

Programming Skills

UNIX, C, C++, Visual Basic, Solaris, M68000 Development, SGI, DEC, VAX, System Servers, Intel 8086 Assembler, VMS, MS/DOS, Pascal, LISP, FORTRAN, Basic, Macro-II. ClearCase, HMS, TeamWare, SCCS, RCS

Employment History

2004 - Present Engineer
Arteck Industries, Scranton, PA
Worked on product planning and prototyping. Set up firewall and LAN consisting of Linux and Windows machines. Set up Linux web server running Apache, and wrote Perl code to run on the server.

2000 - 2004 Software Engineer
Java Systems, Harrisburg, PA
Created web sites and documentation, using HTML, to manage various projects. Wrote design document, test plan, and user documentation. Enhanced HP-UX C library functions, such as setmntent, for reliable shared access to the mount table. Developed a new libc function, delmntent, and fixed defects in other functions. Work done in C and UNIX using ClearCase.


B.A. Computer Science, 2000
University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

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More Software Engineer Resume Samples

In order to write a good software engineer resume sample, it is necessary to organize all your educational background and computer skills in an appealing way.

Barbara G. Robinson
3510 Hillside Drive
Lake Charles, LA 70629
Home (337)9777586


To obtain a challenging position in a leading software company.

Videlectrix Corp; Lake Charles, LA
Software Engineer
  • Worked with various software design programs.
  • Used software language for program development.
  • Responsible for computer development staff.
Gadgetron Software company; Lake Charles, LA
Software Engineer
  • Developed innovative products for the company.
  • Conducted research programs for further product development.
  • C
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • Web services
  • Python
  • XML
  • BEA WebLogic
  • WebSphere
  • J2EE
  • JBoss
  • ASP
B.S. in Computer Science
University of Louisiana System

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