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A public administration career is a good choice for people who are interested in administration but also in communications. As a public administrator you can expand your knowledge in administration by focusing on leadership and problem solving cases for the sake of the company's organization.

To be a public administrator you must obtain a degree in public administration; such degree is designed to teach students about governance and public management. As a result of these studies, the professional will be able to work in government institutions as a legislator, a city manager, or a court clerk. He/she can take up many other public and private management-related jobs.

The salaries on this career can vary depending on the position, although it is known that there is a bigger chance to find a job in the public sector where the salary always rely on the state funds. On the other hand, working for the public sector is a good option because it usually gives benefits to the employee that the private sector does not offer.

A public administrator resume should be complete and contain your whole professional experience.

Janice Hawbaker
3109 Evergreen Terrace
Alexandria, VA 22332
(623) 555 - 0238

Government administrator position that deals with public administration issues.

  • Successfully designed new organizational systems for increased productivity.
  • Excellent public speaking and presentation abilities.
  • Able to develop strong rapport quickly.
  • Proficient in all major computer operating systems.

Office of Energy Policy, Alexandria, VA
Contract Administrator, 2003 - Present
Provided contract magement support to Operations, Functional and Project Managers to facilitate effective contract strategies.

Office of Housing & Urban Development, Richmond, VA
Service Representative, 1997 - 2003
Provided information and assistance to the general public on a wide range of housing issues including low-cost housing options and HUD'S first time home buyer programs.


Cedar Grove College, Richmond
A.A., Business, 1997

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More Public Administrator Resume Samples

When writing a public administrator resume, you must keep in mind the abilities that are required for the position such as oral and written skills.

Albert B. Casillas

1652 Cemetery Street
Houston, TX 77032
Home (832)2332144

To obtain a government administrator position where I can put all my experience in public administration.

  • Designer of new organizational systems to optimize productivity.
  • Excellent oratory skills and presentation abilities.
  • Capable of developing a strong empathy for people.
  • Knowledge about all computer operating systems.

Leeding Engines Ltd. Office of Public Policy - Houston, TX
Public Administrator, 2006 - Present
Provided public administration management support to Project Managers to facilitate strategies and to enhance the company's image.

Petrox Oil Compan Office of Urban Development - Houston, TX
Service Representative, 2003 - 2006
Provided assistance to the public about housing programs.


University of Houston. Houston, TX
Master of Public Administration 2005
MBA, 2001

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