Nowadays computers are used almost everywhere. We can find computers in places like pharmacies, restaurants, and stores. All the procedures used to be done manually but now they use computer programs to generate more productivity, more efficiency and to avoid errors. These needs led to the search for computer programmers.

A computer programmer, also known as a software developer, is the person who designs, tries, examines and implements applications in a company. These applications can be Web Development, Desktop, Database Developer or Analyst.

Computer programming is a very challenging career because you have to study the latest languages. The more languages that you can use, and the more experience that you include in your Computer Programmer Resume, the more you get paid.

The average starting salary for a computer programmer is around 50 to 60 thousand dollars per year, while senior programmers can make more than 120 thousand dollars in the same period of time.

Charles Reston
501 Lindon St
San Diego, CA 92110
Home: (619) 555-2163
Voice: (619) 555-62153

A challenging and rewarding position as a computer programmer.


Perl, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Mason, XML, XSL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, MS C++, ASP, 8086 Assembly, Fortran, COBOL, network firewall and hack-proof server installation and configuration, and automatic mass website building.

Specialty: Internet-based public relations for online businesses.

Employment History

2005 - Present
Junior Software Engineer
Tower Systems San Diego, CA
Developed part of the core of the product TowerWorks: an administration platform for
ASP (Application Service Provider).
Developed tools for customization and integration with third party products.
Designed and programed the unix provisioning system.

1999 - 2005
Computer Programmer
Sun Star Industries San Diego, CA
Developed and tested the code for accounting tasks within the corporation, including cost
estimating, salary computation, purchased supplies, monitoring 20 others associates.
Worked on CAD support applications in C.


B.A., Computer Science & Business Administration - 1999
University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA

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More Computer Programmer Resume Samples

Once you've obtained your degree, it is always necessary to be updated about new applications that appear in the market. You should try to study as much as you can to make your Computer Programmer Resume stand out from the others.

Tom Blanks
450 Avenue of the Americas New York - (212) 458-7455 -

Position desired
Computer Programmer

  • Seven years of experience in computer programming.
  • System developer and system administrator.
  • Solid organizational, planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Outstanding analytical and critical reasoning ability. Capable to use logic and analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the applications.
  • Full knowledge of electric circuit boards, processors, chips and everything related with the hardware part.
Computer skills

Pascal, Empress 4GL, SQL, Embedded SQL, FORTRAN, Perl, BASIC, UNIX, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual .Net, System Servers, SGI, Intel 8086 Assembler, FORTRAN, Power builder, Macro-II, RCS, MS, TeamWare, MS/DOS, Solaris, Java, Oracle, Cristal Report.

  • Master of Information Systems Management. DeVry University, September 2010.
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems. DeVry University, July 2004.
Work Experience

Computer Troubleshooters, New York, NY
(January 2009-current)
  • Improved the existing software and implemented new ones.
  • Handled software development, database administration, system administration, future requirements planning, PC hardware/software support, user support and daily operations.
  • Implemented major improvements in automation of administrative and operational procedures.
  • Solved the problems in key areas of production like: performance, security, availability and reliability.
  • Worked with Interactive UNIX and a variety of other languages and platforms to create new software for the company.
Genesis Software Services, New York, NY
(September 2004 -December 2008)
  • The complete design of a new application for restaurants.
  • Worked next to the Senior Programmer to design and program internal applications.
  • Generate reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Daily maintained and supported existing applications.

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