Operation managers are in charge of the everyday operations of a company. Their main function is to find ways to make the company more productive. Operation managers prepare budgets and is in charge of the inventory and logistic. They also supervise the employees. To work as an operation manager, besides the technical skills, the person must have interpersonal skills.

Operation managers have a very good salary, even when the person does not have a lot of experience, for people who are just starting the average salary is of $50 thousand per year. While people with more than 20 years of experience and with several degrees in his/her Operations Manager Resume sample can make more than $120,000. Besides the experience, the salary will also depend of the company where you work, the companies in New York and San Francisco are the ones which pay the most. And the industries which offer the highest salary are: security, investment, and banking.

Harold Jennings
71 Andover Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37798
(253) 555 - 8235

A challenging and rewarding position as an Operations Manager.


Directed research, development, and implementation of design engineering systems.
Restructured manufacturing planning groups, resulting in a savings of $2M.
Implemented new planning system, which increased production schedule accuracy by %100


Delphi Machine Co., Knoxville, TN
Operations Manager, 2001 - Present
Developed, implemented and monitored management operations systems.
Restructured corporate planning group system, resulting in a savings of $2M.

JLG Industries, Memphis, TN
Operations Manager, 1994 - 2001
Implemented new production procedures wile maintaining over %85 schedule accuracy.
Reduced production start-up costs by %30 percent.

LGI Industries, Indianapolis, IN
Operations Manager, 1989 - 1992
Streamlined assembly line process, labor costs by 40%.
Restructured product development policies and procedures.


Cornell University
Masters, Business Administration, 1994

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
B.A.,Economics, 1989

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When you do your Operations Manager Resume sample, make sure to give a good impression by adding only your main information without too many details. Also put your goals and skills.

Mark Hudson
5654 NW 12th St Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 475-6595

To obtain a position as an Operations Manager in a well known and serious company.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, UNIX.
  • Programming Languages: PHP, Visual Basic, VB for Applications, VBScript, JavaScript, .NET, C, C++, Pascal, Power builder.
  • Data Bases: Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access.

Operations Manager
Management Software Support, Oklahoma City, OK.
January 2006- Present.

  • Oversaw the daily operation of the warehouse.
  • Hired and trained all new employees.
  • Responsible for specifying, designing, coding, and testing program.
Bachelor's Degree in Management.
Kansas State University

Computer Engineering Program.
Kansas State University

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