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Laboratory technicians can work in a wide variety of settings. Their job consists of analyzing and creating substances. They can work in hospitals, forensic centers, and laboratories. They usually need to have a strong background in science and math. They must adhere themselves to safety measures; they must wear gloves and goggles if needed, and any other kind of protection as it is indicated to them. It's a dangerous job since they're prone to inhale toxic substances if they do not take the adequate measures. A laboratory technician's average salary is around $50,000.

If you've gotten your degree and you're looking for a job, redact a laboratory technician resume that portrays your qualities and your work experience in a detailed manner.

James Harrison
6237 Sycamore St
Dallas, TX 75140
(620) 555 - 0239

A challenging and rewarding position as a Laboratory Technician.


Med Tech Laboratories, Dallas TX
Lab Technician, 2003 - Present
Responsible for developing methods, diagnostics, upkeep, maintenance, and running
samples on GC/MS, HPLC, and TGA. Performed organizational duties for R&D laboratory.
Responsible for development and validation of analytical methods for testing &
certification of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Responsible for adaptation and
validation of EPA, US Pharmacopoeia, and European Pharmacopoeia methods for use
in R&D laboratory.

University of Oregon Department of Chemistry, Eugene, OR
Laboratory Manager, 1997 - 2003
Managed three academic laboratories and stockrooms. Supervised eight employees.
Maintained a yearly fiscal $200,000 supplies budget. Responsible for acquisition,
storage, and distribution of chemicals, narcotics, radioactive substances, explosives,
and laboratory equipment. Maintained standards for computerized instrumentation
including multiple G.C., I.R., F.T.I.R., and UV/Vis spectrophotometer.


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
B.S., Physics; Minor, Chemistry, 1997


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A laboratory technician resume has to comprise the primary tasks of your previous jobs, your skills, your contact information, and of course, your college studies. Proofread it before you sent it to your employer.

Chris Anderson

34 Conservation Street
Arlington, Vermont 05250
Home: (565) 9011-562

To keep working in this exciting field that helps me make new contributions to the humanity.

  • Very analytic and determined.
  • Strong background in statistics, chemistry and biology.
  • Can meet deadlines, very multitasking.
  • Ability to follow indications properly.

- 2007 to Present Laboratory Technician. TYEZ Laboratories, VT.
Reviewed and tested samples, double-checked results, wrote numerous reports, was in charge of laboratory maintenance, led a team member of four people, dealt with dangerous chemicals and radioactive substances, devised new ways to save time and get faster results,.

- 2004 to 2007 Assistant Laboratory Technician Bridgepoint Hospital, VT.
Examined graphs and diagrams to determine results, verified the availability of laboratory supplies, participated in the conduction of many researches, recorded data.


- Middlebury College, VT.
Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, 2004.

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