The first thing to do in order to compose a successful Resume is to write down a complete listing of your job experience and skills. It is most important to include your educational background, make sure you are not skipping any details.

Mention whichever contribution you have made to your previous jobs and what responsibilities you took over in the past.

Choose the format you will use in your resume, here you will find some useful resume samples for professionals looking for a job in different areas as cuisine, law and legal, and journalism.

Some Resume samples of Professionals jobs

Academic professionals


Sample resume for jobseekers as Academic.

Girl's hair

Hair stylist

Jobseekers as a senior hair stylist with managerial responsibilities.

Three professionals talking


Sample resume for jobseekers as Attorney.

Journalist making an interview


Jobseekers as a staff writer for a major metropolitan newspaper.

Buyer choosing a product


For jobseekers as men's apparel buyer for a major department store.

Legal aid worker on the phone

Legal Aid worker

Sample resume for jobseekers as Legal Aid Practitioner.

Girl smiling


For a full-time position providing in-house catering for lunches.

Secretary on the phone

Legal secretary

Sample resume for jobseekers as a legal secretary.

Chef cooking


Sample resume for jobseekers as a Chef for a high class establishment.

Executive on the phone

MIS Analyst

Jobseekers as Chief Information Officer or Vice President MIS.

Secretary on the phone

City planner

Sample resume for jobseekers as a city planner.

Asian woman holding library reference book


Sample resume for jobseekers as a Paralegal.

People volunteering at clothing drive

Community service

For people seeking position in a community service oriented organization.

Executives sitting at conference table, one man standing

Public relations

Sample resume for jobseekers in Public relations.

Writer working at desk


Sample resume for jobseekers as a copywriter.

Two ladies at work

Public worker

Jobseekers as public worker in construction for the City of Fort Wayne.

Reporters covering a new

Court reporter

Sample resume for jobseekers as Court Reporter.

Writer working at desk

Staff journalist

Sample resume for jobseekers as Human Resources specialist.

Two businessmen in trench coats walking in park, rear view


Sample resume for people looking a position in law enforcement.

Business people at Passport Desk

Travel agent

Sample resume for jobseekers as Travel agent.

Portrait of flight attendants in terminal

Flight attendant

Sample resume for jobseekers as Flight attendants.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers at work


Jobseekers as Volunteer with a progressive non-profit organization.

Veterinaries taking measurements of harbour porpoise


For jobseekers as an administrative assistant at a growth-oriented firm.