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General sales managers are usually the head of Sales departments; therefore they are responsible for decision-making and business development. The minimum requirements for this senior position are bachelor's degree in finance or any related field, however, lately MBA are strongly required too. On the other hand, these professionals are in great demand by department stores and malls. Indeed every company that is involved in business activities requires a general sales manager.

A good General Sales Manager resume is must if you want to be considered for this position, thus here we provide you some templates to facilitate your job search. Try to follow these pieces of advices before writing your resume:

  • List all your educational background (bachelor's degree, MBAs, diplomas, etc).
  • Organize your working experience in chronological order and write a brief description about each one using active verbs.
  • Highlight your main skills mainly which are closely related to the job description.
  • Attach a cover letter to each submitted resume.
Carlos Indelicato
809 Adler St.
Columbus, OH 43019
(613) 672 - 5555

A challenging and rewarding position as a sales account manager with a growth oriented firm that offers diverse job responsibilities and the opportunity for advancement.


Experienced experience in technical sales. Ability to gain account loyalty, with proven long-time partnerships with top companies. Ability to unify diverse groups of people behind a common goal.

  • Generated over $4 million dollars in new business in less than one year.
  • Salesman of the Year, 2006
Employment History

Hawbaker & Company, Columbus, OH
Account Executive, 2005 - Present
Provided investment services and advice for individuals and businesses. Duties included financial planning, asset allocation, and portfolio management.

Hertz & Bane, Syracuse, NY
General Sales Manager, 1999 - 2004
Provided sales management for local corporate offices. Responsible for over $60M in annual sales. Provided sales Managed sales operations, accounts payable and receivable, employee training and recruiting, and budget planning.


M.B.A., Finance, 1998
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

B.A. Marketing & Finance, 1995
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Notable Achievements: Dean's Scholar; President of Forensics Society

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More General Sales Manager Resume Samples

Pick up a general sales manager resume sample and then customize it with your own information, each document has different structure and sections. Finally, do not forget to attach a cover letter before sending it.

1690 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR
(501) 376-5250

Skills & Abilities
  • In depth knowledge of business and legal matters.
  • Strong communication, managerial and organizational skills.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Exceptional written and oral skills.
Professional Experience
Designation: Regional Manager
Organization: Stephens Inc. Little Rock, AR.
Duration: 2 years
  • Formed a successful partnership with three leading companies of business sector maximizing profits margins.
  • Mounted campaigns to recruit more professionals for sales department.
  • Oversaw 100 workers and a 2.5 million budget.
  • Surpassed all sales targets set by board of directors.
  • Assisted marketing and accounting departments by providing some sales figures.
  • Closed important contracts and represented the company at trades shows.
Designation: Sales manager
Organization: VCC LLC. Little Rock, AR.
Duration: 3 years
  • Asked suppliers to increase productivity and met clients to gather purchasing orders.
  • Employed and groomed a total of 200 staff members.
  • Coordinated planning, business strategies and marketing campaigns with other departments.
  • Supervised all sales department personnel.
  • Responsible for local and national launch campaigns.
Academic qualifications
MBA, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR. (2005)
Diploma in Business Management from Heritage College, Little Rock, AR. (2001)

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