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Recruiters, also known as headhunters, usually work in the Human Resources Department or work for consulting companies. They are responsible for the hiring of new workers; therefore, they often have to carry out hiring rounds. They usually write job descriptions for each open position in a company, evaluate job applications and finally interview potential candidates.

A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to be considered for this position; however, companies prefer college graduates because of their extended knowledge.

Job search tends to be difficult if you don't have a proper Recruiter resume. Check the following tips before writing your resume:

  • Highlight your critical capability, leadership and communicative skills.
  • List your educational qualifications (bachelor's in human resources or in a related field).
  • Summarize all your job experiences and write your job achievements.
  • Attach a cover letter to your resume.
Joyce Hastings
824 Reston St.
New Orleans, LA 70190
(401) 555 - 9268

A challenging and rewarding position as a Recruiter.

Summary of Achievements

- Successfully recruited and placed a wide spectrum of candidates in the technology, financial, and engineering industries.
- Managed high volume of clients.
- Persued hundreds of client leads through personal marketing.
- Conducted extensive research and recruiting via the internet.


Jenson Company, New Orleans, LA
Recruiter, 2003 - Present
Responsible for all aspects of locating and placing financial and technical professionals.

Recruiting Resources, New Orleans, LA
Human Resources Manager, 1997 - 2003
Managed all contracts in this financial staffing agency. Provided clients with job leads electronically, via uploading employment opportunity information to internet job boards. Represented the company at conventions. Interviewed and screened candidates.


University of Miami, Miami, FL
B.A., Business Administration, 1997

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More Recruiter Resume Samples

Choose a recruiter resume sample and then tailor it according to the job description. The second document is for less experienced professionals; however, it's more descriptive than the first one.

70 Berkeley St,
Boston, Massachusetts
(617) 357-9599

Looking for a recruiter position in a consulting company.


Suffolk University, Boston, MA
Associate of Human resources (2008)

  • Great communicative and problem-solving skills.
  • In-depth knowledge about hiring and recruiting processes including interviewing, confirming references and salary negotiations.
  • Excellent interview skills, performed successful hiring rounds.
  • Named "employee of the month" twice.
  • Trustworthy, well-oriented, confidential, enthusiastic and creative.
  • Ability to organize numerous projects simultaneously.

(2009- Present) Needham & Co LLC, Boston, MA
Senior recruiter
  • Coordinated accurate job descriptions with managers to meet the company's needs.
  • Carried out extensive hiring rounds that included the procession of job applications and interviewing possible candidates.
  • Hired excellent senior engineers and accountants.
  • Trained human resources assistants and less experienced employees that work for the department of Human Resources.

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