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A sales representative position is a dynamic job that requires friendly, energetic and enthusiastic workers, because it's necessary to persuade customers to buy company's products. In this field a positive attitude is a must, because several times a day sales representatives are rejected by customers. On the other hand, sales representatives get paid if they make their quota; that's why they do their best in order to sell company's products. To sum up, they are in charge of selling process which involves a clear demonstration of new products or services to every client, and finally close a sale.

Kathy Ingram
98 West Overland Dr.
Portland, OR 97299
(603) 555 - 0928

A challenging Retail Management position in a fast paced environment that will allow for personal growth and career advancement.

Summary of Qualifications

- Retail Manager with experience with a major department store chain. Skilled at planning and budgeting; employee training; adherence to company standards; and customer relations.

Notable Achievements

- Redesigned Klein's floor layout, resulting in a more attractive store and a 300% increase in customer traffic.
- Averaged 17% year-to-year sales increase.


Klein's Department Store, Beaverton, OR
Store Manager, 2005 - Present
Increased sales volume by 150 % in less than three years. Designed more attractive merchandise presentation strategies and special marketing campaigns, resulting in increased store traffic and profits. Hired and trained sales staff. Increased store inventory and expanded merchandise purchases. Responsibilities included purchasing, merchandising, customer service, and all facets of running a department store.

Strands Department Store, Portland, OR
Men's Department Manager, 2003 - 2005
Promoted from hourly position. Responsible for increased sales through use of aggressive city-wide marketing campaign and more attractive department layout. Daily operations included cash deposits and inventory control.


Portland State University, Portland, OR
B.A., Marketing, 2003
President, Society of Women in Business

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Some useful tips are included in this section in order to help you in the arduous task of writing a sales representative's resume:

  • Stress your good presentation skills as well as your friendly and enthusiastic personality.
  • List your business qualifications or previous job experiences in this sector.
  • Update your contact information and your list of references.
Michael Collins
Carlisle485 Madison Avenue # 10, New York
(212) 446-7391

Seeking for a position as a sales representative in a business firm.

The State University of New York
B.A. in Marketing

  • Exceptional ability to close contracts.
  • Remarkable communicative and demonstration skills.
  • Expertise in designing marketing strategies and presentations.
  • Responsible, committed and well-versed in the resolution of problems.
Mc kinsey & Co, New York
Sales Representative, 2005-present
  • Designed marketing campaigns for the launch of new product lines.
  • Oversaw new accounts.
  • Prepared oral presentations.
  • Meet with potential clients to determine their requirements.
Verizon, New York
Store manager, 1999-2004
  • Surpassed sales targets by creating new marketing campaigns and plans.
  • Took caution measures to avoid further damage to merchandise products.
  • Applied outstanding closing sales techniques.
  • Responsible for encouraging, organizing and training employees.
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